Young Girl Painting by Richard Lauran Sample

Detailed Product Description: Young Girl Painting by Richard Lauran Sample - PA11130
Young girl

Haunting oil on board portrait of a young girl by Richard Lauran Sample (signed).

Condition: Good

Self-taught West Coast Artist, Richard Lauran Sample, was born November 13, 1936 in Huntington Park, California.

Styles explored by the Artist include expressionism, surrealism and realism.  Sample has initialed his own style known as “Magic Realism” and founded new mediums such as cardboard collage and roughly textured panels.  ‘The chemical content of these mediums have been carefully analyzed to insure permanence of the quality of his work.

The Artist is also involved in ‘Mycology, the branch of botany that deals with fungi.  He is specifically interested in the mushroom.  Sample has been inspired by their intricate combination of form, color and line and recreates them within the realm of his “Magic Realism” paintings.  His style is original, his depth and perception profound.

The Artist transfers his dreams onto the canvas, embellishing and elaborating the Myths and Fairy tales he identifies.  He then works to place the contents of the real and symbolic in harmonious accordance.

Part of Richard Sample’s Philosophy entails that which, all existing things that progress in sequence-stir the emotions, create beauty and teach.  This is the motivation behind his art.

Richard Lauran Sample (United States)
Oil on board
Gold Wooden Frame
Frame Size
30 W x 37 H x 2 D inches (Width x Height x Depth inches)
Art Size
21 W x 27 H inches (Width x Height inches)
18.6 lbs
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Young girl
Artist: Richard Lauran Sample (United States)
Painting : Oil on board
Frame: Gold Wooden Frame
Frame Size: 30 W x 37 H x 2 D inches
Art Size: 21 W x 27 H inches
Weight: 18.6 lbs
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