About Us

Ultra Antiques

At Ultra Antiques, we connect collectors with their passion.  Our mission is to find permanent homes for antiques, fine art, vintage classics, collectibles, memorabilia, and more.   We strive to deliver terrific pieces that lift the soul and nourish the heart.  We believe life is enhanced when surrounded by beauty and the emotional connection formed enriches our daily lives.  

We are a closely regulated and registered Boutique business located in North Las Vegas, Nevada, though with highly experienced Specialists/Appraisers in their respective areas, working freelance.  Most of our products are acquired via Corporate estate sales (such as the main Hotels) auctions in the Las Vegas area, VIP's, Actors, Musicians & Producer's: therefore all our items come with unimpeachable Provenance.  We aim to provide exemplary service to each and every customer. 

Please visit our contact us page, we would love to hear from you.